Talent Identification

Volleyball Talent Identification and Development Process

1-Clubs and academies

Selecting special places and indoor courts in crowded cities which have talented students and tall children (for example in IRAN we started in south of TEHRAN)

2-Volleyball coaches

Choosing experiment coaches who have more experiences about basic fundamental skills

3-Talent search

Starting to follow tall and talented students at the age of10to11 and 12to13 according their gender and invite them to selected clubs for doing physical tests like height, hand reach and so fourth

4-Start to test

Start to measure their height-weight-hand reach-hand width-palm-flexibility.(Every seasons we must measure these tests and compare them with previous tests(

 normal height(boys

normal height(girls


141 cm

140 cm

147 cm

146 cm

152 cm

152 cm


157 cm

159 cm


163 cm

166 cm


170 cm

172 cm


178 cm

176 cm


185 cm

178 cm


191 cm

179 cm


193 cm

180 cm


195 cm

180 cm


5-Talent organization

After testing them and select the best students we must do classification in clubs

6-Short term plan

Starting to train 25-30 selected student in every courts for 3 months with basic fundamental skills(volley-bump-serve-block-attack)and flexibility and their reaction and reflection to choose final player (18 top players)

7-Long term plan

Make a process for at least 2 years and every other day to develop techniques (all the academies must start together)

8-Inviting parents

Every seasons we invite parents to make a meeting about exercise and teach them about psychology and nutrition service


Every months we can surprise them with giving an award be cause of their skills


Education must be our priority instead of sport and we have to check their marks at school and encourage them(if they can be educated player ,it is better than being uneducated player)


After 3 months we have to implement permanent festivals between academies or make a league between them

12-Tactics and unique skills

After 12-15 months we have to separate players according their ability and height and skills(setter-middle blocker-libero-outside spiker-opposite) and focus on their tactics according these abilities:

 Height of action above net

Perfection of skills

Velocity and variety of play 

13-Farm system

After 24 months we can mix teenagers with youth group(at least 2 or 3 years older to develop them)


During farm system we can chose the best players between academies to invite to youth national volleyball team and make a camp in federation (day by day we can chose the  final team to take part in every tournament

according these priorities:

Libero:1-Serve reception 2-Digging 3-Translation pass

Setter:1-Perfect set with good quality 2-Blocking 3-Serve 4-digging

Outside Spiker:1-Serve receiving 2-Attacking 3-Translation attack 4-blocking 5-serve 6-digging

Middle Blocker:1-Blocking 2-Attacking 3-Serve 4-Translation pass 5-Digging

Opposite Spiker:1-Attacking 2-Translation attack 3-Block 4-Serve 5-Digging


15-Make a team

After tryout, according above condition and abilities we can select the best players between academies , and make a team to take part in junior or adult league .It is the best way to make coordination between selected players. After that players  have enough experiences to take part in tournaments like youth world championship except any stress.



Every months we must check all the academies and players and coaches


All the academies must have equipment (ball-step-elastic bands-hoop-whiteboard–medicine ball)


In 2005 I started it in TEHRAN and every years I had 2 players who got invited to IRAN youth national volleyball team


We must not focus just on the height , be cause some of them are late mature and they will be taller than other but late. In this condition we must check their generation.