Volleyball Professional Training

Professional Training Plan
1-Referee Rules
2-Setting Drills
3-Libero Drills
4-Middle Blocking Drills
5-Quick Attacking Drills
6-Outside Attacking Drills
7-Outside Blocking Drills
8-Opposite Attacking Drills
9-Second Wave & Pipe Drills
10-Jump Serve Drills
13-Block & Attack Tactics
14-Coach Initiated Drills
15-Weight Training
16-Tryout according these abilities and priorities:


Libero:1-Serve Reception 2-Digging 3-Translation Pass

Setter:1-Perfect Set With Good Quality 2-Blocking 3-Serve 4-Digging

Outside Spiker:1-Serve Receiving 2-Attacking 3-Translation Attack 4-Blocking 5-Serve 6-Digging

Middle Blocker:1-Blocking 2-Attacking 3-Serve 4-Translation Pass 5-Digging

Opposite Spiker:1-Attacking 2-Translation Attack 3-Block 4-Serve 5-Digging


17-Taking Part In Tournaments