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2018 Donation of 100 balls, jump ropes and volleyball nets to the flood victims of Aq Qala   2017 Donation of 250 balls, jump ropes and volleyball nets to the earthquake victims of Kermanshah   2006 to 2010  Searching in schools to find talented and tall students and traning them completely free and except any […]

Club manager

Cyrus Feli Coaching experience and certificate:   2022_Head coach of Cyrus the great club 2021_Fivb beach volleyball coaching certificate (Bahrain) 2020_ We won fifth place in Tehran league with Cyrus the great club 2019_Fivb volleyball coaching certificate level ll (Azerbaijani) 2018_ We won forth place in Tehran league with Cyrus the great club. 2016_ We […]


Club Manager Club Manager:Mr,Feli Biography And Experiences      Coaching Documents   International Volleyball Coach level 2 International Lifeguard Level 1 Lifeguard Level 1 Swimming Coach Swimming Referee Volleyball Referee Fitness Coach Hydrotherapy   Swimming Experiences Expertise: Crawl, Back stroke, Butterfly   1990-Third place in 50 and 100 meter crawl in tehran province 1990-50meter back stroke […]

About The Club

About The Club This academy started its activity in 2001 and was established in April 2015 with the registered name of Kourosh Kabir Ariaei Cultural and Sports Institute. With the comprehensive development of covered sports, it started teaching and teaching scientific and academic volleyball – Shana and. … Organized to coaches and basic players with […]

Swimming coaching training

1-Improve technique and style 4 swimming 2- Analysis of 4 swimming skills 3. Practice planning and design 4. Managing Classes 5. Pathology 6. Nutrition

4 Competitive Swimming Training

1. Flexibility and stretching movements 2-Start and correct 4-swim back 3. English Swimming Idioms 4- Improving the technique and 4 swimming drills 5. Reduce 4 swimming records 6. Specialized bodybuilding 4 swimming 7. Participate in club competitions

Volleyball Basic Training

 Volleyball Basic Training   1-Warm-Up 2-Familiarization With Ball 3-Ball Handling 4-Ball Control 5-Feet Movement 6-Passing & Volley 7-Bump 8-Under Hand Serve 9-Spike Approach 10-Spike Hand Position 11-Drive & Rainbow 12-Block 13-Conditioning Exercise 14-Mini Volleyball 15-Lead-Up Game 16-Festivals